A mysterious assassin whose past lives intertwine with everyone he meets


Race: Huamn
Class: Assassin
AC: 19
Fort: 17
Ref: 17
Will: 17
HP: 44
Gold: 50gp


“A name is lie that keeps you from thinking you might be more than one single being.” – Tachyon and Chrona

The mantle of the nameless is a tradition of servitude towards Chrona and Tachyon. Once given their blessing, the bearer of the mantle is infused with the past lives of those who came before. These past lives manifest as shrouds, the source of a Nameless’ shadowy power. Each shroud contains countless memories and experiences that are only vaguely remembered by the current incarnation. Because of this it’s believed that those who carry the mantle are immortal.

Mary (Deceased)
At the depths of the sea is where Mary came to bear the mantle of the nameless. After having her ship sent to the bottom of the sea by a gnomish vessel for no identifiable reason, she swore revenge for her ship and her crew. Chrona and Tachyon promised the tools for such vengeance in return for service in their name. Known far and wide as the reason for the start and end of the gnome war, her genocidal tendencies strike fear in those who dare cross her. Her fighting style isn’t one befitting an assassin however, preferring to be up front and brawling opposed to striking from the shadows. Despite this she has no problem bringing those who fight her into the maw of void.

“When I was brought to the maw of the void I did not despair. No, I invited it in. Now let’s see if you’re strong enough to do the same” – Mary

Dax (Deceased)
Shady, cunning, and relentless are all words that fit this nameless well. Even by standards of nameless of the past, not much is known about him. While shrouded in mystery one thing remains perfectly clear, anything in his way doesn’t live for long. In combat he has proven time and time again he has earned the title of assassin, rarely remaining seen for more than an instant. Those who stand before him are given death, and nothing more.

“I stood in the wake of a thousand lost souls, souls I brought to the maw of the void, and I asked them the worth of their honor. In one beautiful chorus they all answered ‘Nothing.’” – Dax

Jack (Current)
The Rider of Blood, The Crimson Tempest, Jack the Ripper, all names for one man. Making a name for himself in the Ithican War, Jack’s name became one of conflicting emotions. Desperate for money to get out of the warring country, he took any job he could. As a mercenary he took jobs from any side, no payment too low, no deed too vile. With surprising efficiency he soon reached his goal, and prayed the means justified the ends. Unfortunately his prayers went unanswered and his consciousness ate away at him. He no longer wanted to be Jack, or anything else for that matter. Lucky for Jack, Tachyon and Chrona saw his potential and in an attempt to make sure it wasn’t wasted, made him an offer. To purge him of his name and give him a fresh start, in return for his service in their name. What that entails, Jack has yet to learn, but anything is better than being Jack. Despite making a living off war, Jack is surprisingly reluctant to fight. However, when push comes to shove it seems as if a switch flips and he enters a trance like state. Known for making his first moves devastating, his entrances grand, and following it up with a systematic storm of blood and shadow, he has seemingly borrowed from both Dax and Mary’s fighting styles.

“War is the cowards way of dealing with the problems of peace. Lucky for me, those cowards pay well.” – Jack

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