Night Glyph

A Dragonborn Prince with a quest to complete and a glaive to do it with.


Race: Dragon Born
Class: Protecting Paladin of Bahamut
Paragon Path: Justicar
Age: 25
Weight: 400lbs
Height: 6ft7in

Level: 11
AC: 28
Fort: 26
Ref: 26
Will: 27
HP: 99
Gold: 8000gp


A prince of the Ithikan Empire and a very dedicated son, he had originally left his home in the Ithikan territories to find his younger brother and discovering the plot to overthrow his family. He has collected a group of able folk to assist him in returning home and saving his people. While his natural bravery and compassion show through a result of his royal upbringing, he has shown signs of anger, especially when lives where on the line.

A very outspoken and intelligent creature Night is about as close to a de-facto leader that the party has (They probably just follow him because he’s the tallest.)

Night has made little to no progress on his quest to return home after failing to find his brethren. His time with his chosen company might have rubbed off on him as the time he has spent with the group has landed him a secondary title as a pirate now.

In his travels he’s done the work of his god Bahumat. The ever pious man has destroyed the dark god Lolth’s unbreaking string-like artifact and has soundly put him in the good graces of his god. This is perhaps the very blessing that is holding the storm brewing in Ithika back.

In Battle he uses his faith in Bahumat to subject his foes to the Dragon God’s ire, while making sure it’s a bad idea to attack those he protects. Along with his trusty glaive, Night has a bevy of ways to utterly destroy and protect.

Imaging Provided by: Anon /tg poster.

Night Glyph

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