A human warrior who's prowess in combat is bolstered by his faith in the moon godess


Race: Human
Class: Warlord / Avenger
AC: 23
Fort: 18
Ref: 16
Will: 16
HP: 42
Gold: 50gp


Redulfer is definitely an interesting man. Not one to hold his past out for all to see, this man’s troubled past has wreaked havoc on more than one city. After surviving all of these ordeals his sights have been set on the more recent goal of finding a person he cares for.

Having culled a group with his friend Night Glyph, Redulfer has taken to the group with an almost Redulfer like tenacity. He also might cause a great many fights if only through his brash attitude.

Being loud and powerful is Redulfer’s trademark, he uses his skill as a warrior to smite his foes and direct his allies. This makes him dangerous, and his natural ability to inspire his comrades in his own special way brings the group towards triumph more often than not.

Recent developments in Red’s life have left him and his faith stronger, now his connection with the moon is stronger than ever and his lease on life even more… well things are going to be exciting.

- The Dream -

After the events of the Dream Red’s body and mind seem to have changed him from the simple and loud man he was, to a simple, loud, and possibly doomed man. Currently, Red’s past seems to have finally began to catch up to him and the real question is will he meet it head on or continue to run.

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