Character Options

Move Sets -

The rolls and attacks of the party all condensed into one spot.

Nameless “The Shadow Man” -

  • Leaping Shade (AW) – DEX v AC – 1[W] + DEX mod – If you choose not to invoke your shrouds on the target it takes 1 extra damage for each of your shrouds on it.
  • Inescapable Blade (AW) – DEX v AC – The Attack ignores cover and superior cover – Also +2 reach on weapon – 1[W].
  • Nightmare Shades (ENC) – DEX v WILL – Range 5 – 2d8 + DEX mod psychic damage and target grants CA to you until the end of your next turn – Also Gain +CHA mod to damage against target UEONT.
  • Inescapable Shadow (ENC) – Melee 1 – Before the attack teleport 5 squares to a square adjacent to your shroud target – DEX v AC – 2[W] + DEX
  • Grave Spike (DAI) – DEX v AC – 2[W] + DEX mod and ongoing 5 SE and when ever the target takes ongoing damage the target falls prone. – (MISS – Half Damage) – Until the end of the Encounter you get +2 to attack rolls against the target while your shrouds are on it.
  • Army of Night (ENC) – DEX v WILL – 1[W] + DEX mod until the end of your next turn target takes a OA against any enemy that ends it’s turn adjacent to the target. Also the target adds your CHA to the OA’s

Yin “The Changling Trickster”

  • Piercing Strike (AW) – DEX v REF – 1[W] + DEX (+5)
  • Sly Flourish (ENC) – DEX v AC – 1[W] + DEX (5) + CHA (1)
  • Trick Strike (DAI) – DEX v AC – 3[W] + DEX (+5) – And Slide the target one square. Until the Encounter ends every time you hit the target slide it one square.
  • Brutal Trick (ENC) – DEX v AC – 1[W] – This Attack provokes an opportunity attack from the target if they miss Yin can target the lower between AC and REF
  • Torturous Strike (ENC) – DEX v AC – 2[W] + DEX (+5)

Apara “The Shardmind Searcher” -

  • Mind Thrust (AW) – INT v WILL – 1d10 + INT (5) / AUG 1: Target takes a penalty to WILL equal to CHA mod (4) / AUG 2: AB1 in 10 – 2d10 + INT (5) and targets take penalty to all defenses equal to CHA mod (4) until end of next turn.
  • Kinetic Trawl (AW) – INT v REF – 1d8 + INT (5) Push the target 1 square/ AUG 1: 1d10 + INT (5 ) Pull the target a number of squares equal to Apara’s WIS (+3)
  • Ravening Thought (DAI) – INT v WILL – 2d6 INT (5) and ongoing 5 SE – Miss: Half damage and ongoing 3 damage. / Secondary effect each adjacent enemy to the first target INT v WILL – 1d6 + INT (+5) and ongoing 5.
  • Betrayal (AW) – INT v WILL – Slide the target 1 square to an adjacent enemy the target makes an MBA as a free action against the enemy with a bonus to the attack equal to Apara’s CHA (+4) / AUG 1: Add CHA to damage as well / AUG 2: Slide the target up to (CHA +4) and the target is also dazed after making the attack.

Redulfer “Hero of the Lands” -

  • Wolf Pack Tactics (AW) – STR v AC – 1[W] + STR – before you attack you let one ally adjacent to either you or the target shift as a free action.
  • Warlord Favor (ENC) – STR v AC – 2[W] + STR (4) and ally in five get 1 INT mod to all attack rolls against the target until the end of my next turn.
  • Lead the Attack (DAI) – STR v AC – 3[W] + 4 and all allies within five squares of you get 1+ your INT mod to all attack the target for the rest of the encounter. (Miss – until the end of the encounter you and each ally in five gain a +1 to attacks rolls against the target)
  • No Gambit Is Wasted (ENC) Ally misses with an ENCSTR v AC – 2[W] + STR (+4) and the ability is not wasted.
  • Furious Smash (AW) – STR v FORT – Deal damage equal to your strength mod and choose one ally adjacent to either you or the target. this ally applies your CHA mod as a power bonus to the attack roll and the damage roll on his or her next attacks against the target. If the ally doesn’t attack the target by the end of his or her next turn. the bonus us lost.
  • Brash Assault (AW) – STR v AC – 1W + STR mod (+4). Enemy can make an attack against me with CA for the attack. If they do Ally in five can make a MBA against them with CA.

Kaiser “Fist of Stone” -

  • Crane’s Wings (AW) – DEX v FORT – 1d10 + DEX and push target one square. Move – Make an Athletics check +5 and jump that number of squares
  • Five Storms (AW) – DEX v REF – 1d8 +DEX. Move – shift two squares
  • Brash Assault (AW/ENC) – 1W + STR mod (+3). Enemy can make an attack against me with CA for the attack. If they do Ally in five can make a MBA against them with CA.
  • Eternal Mountain (ENC) – CB 1 – DEX v FORT – 2d8 + DEX and Knock the target prone. Gain resist damage equal to STR mod. Move – Shift 2
  • Open the Gate of Battle (ENC) – DEX v REF – 2d10 + DEX (+1d10 if target has full health) Movement – Move your speed + 2 and provoke OA from the first enemy.
  • Whirling Mantis Step (DAI) – Slide enemy one – After shifting speed into adjacent square – One two or three creatures – DEX v FORT – 2d10 + DEX and target is slowed

Rooke “Half-Breed Hunter” -

  • Twin Strike (AW) – STR v AC – 1[W] x2
  • Marauder’s Rush (AW) – STR v AC – 1[W] + STR (4) + WIS (3)
  • Dancing Cobra (ENC/AW) – DEX v REF – 1d10 + DEX (Move 2) And if target makes an OA they take extra damage equal to WIS (3)
  • Foxes Cunning (ENC) – Shift 1 square – And hit target with an MBA + WIS (+3) to the attack.
  • Commanding Confrontation (DAI) – STR v AC – 3[W] + DEX – And until the target is no longer your quarry you deal an extra 2 + WIS mod damage.
  • Paired Predators (ENC) – STR v AC – 2[W] + STR (+4) and Bishope can attack something with + WIS to damage.

Morgan " The Hidden Mage" -

  • Magic Missile (AW) INT v REF – 2d4 + INT (RBA)
  • Cloud of Daggers (AW) – INT v REF – 1d6 + INT – Enter or starts it turn in the square takes WIS mod damage – Dispel as a minor
  • Force Orb (ENC) – INT v REF – 2d8 + INT – After the original attack make a secondary attack on all enemies adjacent to the target
    Each adjacent – INT v REF – 1d10 + INT
  • Color Spray (ENC) -INT v WILL – 1d6 + INT and daze UEOMNT
  • Flaming Spear (DAI) – INT v REF – 2d6 + INT – Anybody near the spear takes 1d4 + 4 and you can move the spear your speed — Minor Sustain the power until the end of the encounter

Night Glyph " Dragonborn Royal" -

  • Enfeebling Strike (AW) – CHA v AC – 1[W] + CHA and if the target is marked it takes a -2 to attack rolls until the end of your next turn
  • Fearsome Smite (ENC) – CHA v AC – 2[W] + CHA and target takes a attack penalty equal to my WIS mod on all attacks UEOMNT.
  • Paladin’s Judgement (DAI) – STR v AC – 3[W] + STR – And one ally in five squares can spend a healing surge. Miss – One ally in five can spend a surge.
  • Dragon Breath (ENC) – Fire – Close blast 3 – All Creatures in area – STR +2 v REF – 1d6 + CON
  • Invigorating Smite (ENC) – CHA v WILL – 2[W] + CHA mod – If bloodied regain HP equal to 5 + WIS mod (2) Bloodied allies within 5 squares of you also regain hit points equal to 5 + your Wisdom modifier.
  • Sacred Circle (DAI) – CB 3 – All allies and you gain +1 to AC for the encounter
  • Ardent Strike (AW) – CHA v AC – 1[W] + STR mod and target is subject to your sanction UEONT – -Charge can use in place of Basic Attack -Sanction Target take 3 + CHA mod damage the first time it makes an attack that doesn’t include you.

Character Options

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