Apara Dabbah

A shardmind wanderer who is searching for answers outside of the thoughts of others.


Race: Shardmind
Class: Telepathic Psion
Paragon Path: Time Bender
Age: 20 (post landing)
Weight: 194lbs/88kg
Height: 5ft10in/176cm

Level: 11
AC: 24
Fort: 21
Ref: 23
Will: 24
HP: 74
Gold: 7550gp


Apara Dabbah is a rather soft spoken shardmind, part of a race of alien creatures who are starting to populate the planet and integrating into society. When she first landed on the planet her first contact was with a very kindly older gentleman named Tom and his closest companion Gwendolyn, his living house.

She lived with Tom and Gwen for a time before a tragic event occurred. One morning Apara awakened to a much more silent home. It wasn’t long before she discovered the decimated body of Tom and a very suspicious figure in the distance. After making a few preparations Apara began making her way to the small village of A’ny’ thang, the last place Tom had told her to visit, seeking the answers to the mystery of the horrific murder her only family and her very existence itself.

Apara has since joined with a band of characters the likes of which the world will never be ready for.

During their travels the group happened upon other shardmind ,strange for this part of the world, but the true spice of the chance meeting was Apara learning of her status as a Shardmind Beacon. While the words seemed little more than the strange babble of a peculiar shardmind sect, there seem to be a great deal of secrets surrounding the true nature of the power of these select few.

Since learning of her title as a Shardmind Beacon, she has absorbed one whole shardmind (the religious figure who first informed her if her power) and a fragment of another. With these additions she has gained more power, but has also become a bit more aggressive.

In battle Apara uses her natural affinity for telekinesis and raw psychic power to triumph over her enemies.

Imaging Provided by: @numberslayer.deviantart.com/

Apara Dabbah

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