A young elf, cast out from his noble home in shame, seeking both fame and coin.


Despite his noble bloodline, rich education, and military training, this young elf displays a surprising and utterly repugnant set of character traits: arrogance, envy, avarice, and spite, to name a few. He is impulsive, reckless, and vengeful. Others perceive him as abrasive, brooding, and fool-hardy.

When youthful pride forced him into self-exile from his place of privilege among a noble family of Elvish bankers, Krigalan spent many hard years on the roads as a mercenary, where his personality grew steadily worse, wallowing in a complicated mire of self-loathing and bitterness.

A nearly fatal encounter with a group of bandits prompted the young elf to create a blood pact with an unknown number of primal spirits, his life in exchange for his blood, which seems to be both a source of sustenance for the spirits, as well as a font to fuel their powerful abilities.

At first, Krigalan could only converse with one spirit, a playful, childish personality who calls herself Gnaw. She is often a voice of reason for Krigalan, but can slip from time to time into powerful fits of curiosity. As the elf becomes more and more familiar with his new bonds, he is learning to speak with and call upon new spirits, although whether or not they will always do his bidding is not entirely clear.

He joined his current cadre of travel-mates after hearing news of a rather strange, but successful, group of adventurers. Success means fame. Success means coin. After a long journey, he finally found their airships, and stole on-board, looking for an opportunity to prove himself useful.

Imaging Provided by: Kekai Kotaki – Lead Concept artist GW 2


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The Pact


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